Sharing The Secret

Sharing the Secret
as seen in Style and Living magazine in March 2007

Do you ever look at someone who appears so happy and healthy and wish that his/ her vitality could rub off onto you? Why do some folks seem to have it all while others struggle in an effortful existence?

There is an incredible secret to developing a healthy lifestyle and Dr. Mary Alavi at Balanced Health and Wellness is revealing this secret to each and every individual who wishes to improve his or her life.

How do YOU feel when YOU are lean?… vibrant?…energetic?…free in mind, body, and spirit? Right now, take the time to close your eyes and feel. Envision yourself smiling, laughing, and dancing freely in your incredible body at your ideal weight and body composition. Feel what it feels like, smell the air that surrounds you, notice the warmth, freedom and vitality while you experience effortless jumps for joy clapping your feet in the air, defying gravity like a pro basketball player guiding the ball through the net as the game buzzer sounds for you! Now open your eyes. What does that feel like for you?

The secret lies within. Taking her cues from The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, Dr. Mary Alavi teaches her patients the importance of empowering themselves with the feeling of whatever it is they desire, by replacing all negativity and doubt with positively experiencing the feeling of their dream.

“Begin with a faith and a knowing that your dreams are available to you now,” says Dr. Alavi. “It is important to be present in the vision and the feeling of your dreams with no evidence that this could be so for you.” She adds, “Practice. Pretend if necessary. Believe. Know. Practice again and again, switching your self conversation to exactly what you do want.”

If you say you can’t, you’re right: If you say you can, you’re right! So choose what is right for you. Beginning with the attitude of gratitude, take a few moments regularly throughout each day to be thankful for what you do have, including the ability to dream and choose to live your life exactly as you create it.

Say, “ I am a lean, vibrant, energetic person, free in mind, body, and spirit, living in this incredible body of mine.” Now watch yourself unfold.

This approach is in no way generated by dieting, but by a healthy mindset and healthy way of living today. Be healthy right here and right now! When we pretend to be healthy, act like a healthy person, do like a healthy person, we become the healthy person we choose to become. When we are physiologically and metabolically healthy, our energy increases, our immune system is boosted, our weight normalizes, and our quality of life is enhanced,” says Dr. Alavi.

Fulfill yourself with pleasure. Enjoy eating something from all the colors of the rainbow. Savor every bite and texture. Expand your experience trying new and different foods, knowing your body is building and restoring. Imagine feats of today as effortless ranges of motion.

If you live like a lean healthy person, you will become a lean healthy person about 80-90 percent of the time. For the majority, four guidelines will lead to lifelong success: balanced whole food diet, cross-training exercise, nutrient support, and healthy lifestyle behaviors including sleep and stress reduction.

The majority of “failures” are due to poor lifestyle habits and / or attitudes shaped by how we have experienced life. Failing to treat the underlying emotional and / or metabolic cause(s) and repeated attempts with poor approach result in metabolic damage leading to weight loss resistance. We must become healthy to burn fat and hold onto lean body mass. This may be like driving a car without appropriate gas, water, and oil. The mere reality that we are still alive, never mind functioning is a thankful miracle in itself. Our miraculous bodies compensate for our indiscretions until there are no more “tricks.” Failure to approach the behavioral component is like trying to drive the car without starting the engine. Our attitude determines what we perceive as our options, driving our choices consciously or subconsciously and determining our actions and thus, our results.

There is an increasing minority of people, however, who have damaged metabolism and have on or more areas of weight loss resistance that must be resolved in order to ensure long term – never mind lifelong – success. Areas of weight loss resistance include stress, inadequate restful sleep, neurotransmitter (messengers from the brain) imbalances, food allergies and gut issues, insulin resistance, hormone imbalance, and toxic burden.

The team at Balanced Health and Wellness offers support for every aspect of weight loss resistance including determining and addressing the underlying causes. What is between you and your dreams? When you are ready to commit to your dreams, they’re committed to you!

For further information or support please contact Balanced Health & Wellness during business hours at 281.855.2273

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