Be Timeless!

Give Your Skin The Gift Of Health!

If you have been wishing or looking for a skin care line that truly addresses your concerns WITHOUT prevalent toxins, NOW is YOUR time!  Fleuresse combines the power of natural ingredients with the latest science and research to provide the very best of what nature has to offer setting a NEW STANDARD for skincare!  I am equally excited about NO parabens, sulfates, sulfites, phthalates, tricosan, mineral oil, animal testing, bovine, dairy, gluten, synthetic color, petroleum, etc.

EXPERIENCE a 30 DAY RISK FREE TRIAL by May 31,2017 with the following PERKS:

In appreciation for your trial and feedback, we are offering gift certificates for 10% off (up to $50) towards services at our facility*.

You may also CHOOSE to enter the Be Timeless Customer Contest by submitting your own Before and After pictures thus becoming eligible to win a

                         $500 gift certificate for services at BH&W*   (EXCLUSIVE for our clients)


                         $1,000 and a $200 Spa Finder Gift Card   (Sponsored internationally by Kyani)**


* BH&W Gift Certificate must be used within 3 months from date of product purchase (Purchase on/before May 31, 2017).

**see full details of entry requirements at and tips for consistent Before and After photos


For more details and to order directly if you choose with a 30 day money back guarantee, go to


******* Order PRIME which gives you 6 months of FREE SHIPPING and wholesale 

for all Prime products. You break even on just one Fleuresse system!

*****In office purchase are retail pricing without the 30day money back guarantee.


I look forward to YOUR immediate and progressive results!!


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