Medical and Testing

Medical and Testing

A total person approach is at the center of every evaluation and recommendation at Balanced Health & Wellness.  Balanced optimal health must include all eight integral facets of health: 

      • Physical
      • Mental
      • Emotional
      • Spiritual
      • Social
      • Nutritional
      • Hormonal
      • Genetic. 

Balanced Health & Wellness uniquely provides a full gamut of services addressing and supporting all eight facets of health.

Medical and Wellness
In order to get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be, these two points must be determined so that the most safe, effective, and efficient way to get there can be mapped out. Your initial evaluation will focus on your current and significant contributing problems, while keeping in mind your goals so that an appropriate evaluation can be initiated.

Laboratory testing of blood, saliva, urine, stool and pap testing are all available through Balanced Health and Wellness.  For your convenience, blood drawing is available on site or arranged at a laboratory near you.  Some testing may be done in your own home using a kit where the specimen is sent directly to the appropriate laboratory.  Testing is not the same for everyone every effort is made to obtain only what is appropriate and necessary for you.  All your results are reviewed in detail with you, at which time a plan is provided to address your specific situation.

Basic testing for complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic, insulin, lipid, and thyroid profiles, urine analysis, cardiac CRP are routine. Individualized testing may include pulmonary function testing, vision, or hearing screening, EKG, skin analysis, fitness assessment, urine, or blood tests to follow diabetes or other chronic disease processes, hormone evaluations, allergy testing, inflammatory markers, functional levels of vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants, evaluation of detoxification pathways, and organic markers for cellular energy, neurotransmitters, dysbiosis, inflammation. Specialized stool studies may include growing all organisms (the good, the bad, and the ugly) including yeast and all saprophytic organisms, normal and pathogenic (disease producing) organisms, screen for ova and parasites, as well as look for inflammatory markers, antibodies to common pathogens and food allergens.

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