Jowl Line

Jowl Line / Nasolabial Fold
We offer several treatment options to reduce the signs of aging on the lower half of your face, including nasolabial folds  such as parentheses and marionette lines.   

Why Choose Balanced Health and Wellness?
At Balanced Health and Wellness, our focus is on you feeling as great as you can through a systemic approach to optimal wellness. So how do cosmetic procedures fit into that philosophy? Often, we age our bodies beyond our years through unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as sunworshipping. If that’s the case for you, and you want to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside, our experienced staff will be happy  to help you achieve your goals. Our staff physician,  Dr.  Alavi (bio), works directly with you to determine goals and which procedures are most appropriate for you, and personally performs this  procedure.

Treatment Options
We offer many treatments to help minimize the signs of aging in your lower face. Use the Schedule Me! form on the left to schedule a free skin-care assessment that includes a complete treatment plan. Treatment options include:

      • Laser
      • Juvéderm Ultra
      • Juvéderm Ultra Plus
      • Restylane
      • Perlane
      • Radiesse

Referral Program
When you refer a friend to us for aesthetic services such as facial injectables, we’ll give you a credit worth 10% of what they spend on their first visit as a new medical spa patient with us! Your 10% credit can be used on any Balanced Health and Wellness services.

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