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Medical Spa Services

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    Therapeutic Massage

    Touch is a basic requirement of not only survival, but also optimal health. This need does not diminish with age, but will change in form throughout life. This may be accomplished with regularly scheduled therapeutic massage.

    Other potential benefits of massage include:

    • Relaxation
    • Stress reduction
    • Relief of muscular tension
    • Energy and nurturing of mind
    • Circulation improvement
    • Skin nurishment
    • Temporary reduction in mildly high blood pressure
    • Increase in joint mobility
    • Overall well-being

Our services include:

    • Therapeutic massageŚhelpful in stress reduction, calming, and catecholamine reduction. It also facilitates detoxification, increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, improved flexibility, and pain relief.
    • Deep tissue therapyŚa corrective and therapeutic massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, usually focusing on specific problem areas. It is used to release chronic muscle tension, help break up and eliminate scar tissue, release toxins, and improve blood and oxygen circulation. Because this is an effective detoxification adjunctive therapy, it is important to drink plenty of water after a deep-tissue session.

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