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    Optimal Wellness Program 
    What good is a long life without quality of life? Live your life to the fullest by optimizing your wellness. Our unique program provides six to 12 months of support with our experienced team to help you achieve your health goals.

    We currently offer two six-month programs, which can be extended to 12 months. Compare programs.

    Unique Support and Care for the Individual
    We support our patients with an experienced team who help you achieve your specific optimal wellness goals through the following topics as appropriate for you:

    Each patient is given objective and specific medical tests that provide assessments that are comprehensive, yet individualized.

    Our Optimal Wellness Programs are the realization of many years of planning and dreaming about a system that would fully support motivated patients in achieving their own optimalwellness. Today, patients can apply to the program, which only accepts 25 patients at a time to ensure the most hands-on care possible.

    This Optimal Wellness Program is unique in Houston in that it's 6 to 12 months long with weekly support from the center's staff. Each patient also meets with the physician a minimum of three times throughout his or her program time. Each program participant gets bonus benefits such as educational support, mettings with the staff aesthetician, and signifant discounts on products they purchase.

    Applying to Participate in Optimal Wellness Program
    Applicants are chosen based on:

    • Desire to improve their health
    • Willingness to follow the program's requirements.
    • Why they say they will make a good program participant.

    "The ideal candidate for the Balanced Health and Wellness Optimal Wellness Programs are patients who have a commitment, who are consistent, and who make constant choices," says center director and founder Dr. Mary Alavi. (bio). "And if someone has a willingness, but is unsure of their ability to commitówe're also here to help."

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