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Medical Spa Services

Wellness Center Services


    Skin Care Analysis and Makeup Consultations

    Balanced Health & Wellness recognizes the emotional importance of feeling good about the way you look and offers many aesthetic treatments and products to accentuate your natural beauty.

    Try our online self-assessment tool.

    Skin Care Analysis
    Your skin is your largest organ, and the most visible. You need to care for it from both the inside (nutritionally and hormonally) and the outside. Balanced Health & Wellness offers a variety of skin care treatments to help your skinís healing process from the outside.

    A professional analysis of your skinís condition and health will provide the answers needed to recommend skin care products and treatment options. This evaluation includes an in-depth analysis of sun damage, physical skin conditions (such as acne and rosacea), pore size, skin tone, and skin discolorations.

    Not only will a skin care analysis allow you to understand your treatment options, but also educate you to treatments which are not appropriate or should be avoided.

    Makeup Consultation
    Meet with our certified makeup experts to determine the right colors and products for your skin and your lifestyle. For a small $25 consultation fee, we'll show you how you can look your best and treat your skin right! If you purchase makeup on the day of your consultation, your $25 fee will be credited towards your purchase. Call us today to schedule your makeup consultation!



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