“Our whole staff really cares about our patients. I love being part of the team that provides such individual attention. We take time to develop relationships with our patients, and that makes it very enjoyable to go to the center every day.” –Joy

Joy is our aptly named voice and face of Balanced Health and Wellness. Her position as Office Manager often has her busy answering phones and greeting or checking out patients, however she carries out many key and intrinsic components of our facility as well that allow it to run properly. Her perpetual good cheer and ready laugh set just the right tone for the center. As a long-time employee, Joy is a great resource for information and help.

When she’s not in the center helping take care of our patients, Joy loves spending time with her two children and three dogs. She loves music, animals, sports, and nature. A Houston native, Joy has lived in Spring Branch, Katy, and Bear Creek—where she was Dr. Alavi’s next-door neighbor for a number of years.



Elena is a results-driven aesthetician with 20+years of successful experience working in spas and medical clinics. Her understanding that skin is our largest organ mirroring one’s overall health coupled with a special talent for analyzing skin to determine an appropriate plan of treatment is a gift and talent to be shared and appreciated. She has an in depth knowledge of skin care products and their safe applications. She also distinguishes herself with her passion, knowledge and experience with the latest technology and tools to perform diverse cosmetic procedures. As a nutritional consultant, Elena has a thorough knowledge about food sciences. She utilizes this knowledge to help provide solutions to clients in dealing with numerous diseases and disorders to help them improve their physical and mental wellbeing by suggesting suitable diets and supplements. She is able to assess the body type and requirements of the client, noting the diseases or disorders they might be facing and accordingly suggesting suitable nutritional support. She monitors the progress of the client and effectiveness of their program.
Elena supports clients in their journey to their own optimal wellness, never only skin deep, supporting normalization of weight, improving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health all reflected in their skin. 


Nancy has been a Medical Assistant since 1996 and is a wonderful asset to our facility. She is very knowledgeable in her position, as well as a very positive and energetic presence in the office. Additional to being a medical assistant, she is also a Certified Laser Technician and one of our main operators for laser procedures. Both in wellness goals as well as laser procedures, she has an ability to relate to various patients and make their experience comfortable and at ease.

When not busy at our office, Nancy enjoys spending time with her husband and children, her extended family, and taking the boat out on the lake with her kids.





“I’m grateful to have found a place that incorporates each person’s whole being in their health and wellness plan. Our physical health is not separate from our mental and spiritual health. I love that we look at the whole person and their indivudal needs to help our patients achieve their wellness goals.” –-Ramona

Ramona received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Texas A&M University in 1984. In 1985, she passed the National Exam for her Registered Kinotherapist License. Ramona continued her degree in Exercise Science from the University of Houston.

Whether an absolute beginner with exercise, or a seasoned pro, Ramona helps her clients exercise smarter, not harder. She helps make the most of available time, space, and equipment to ensure each client learns the exercises that are appropriate for their own personal goals and for their individual health concerns. Her warm personality makes it easy to enjoy your training sessions—even as you learn a lot about your body and your health.

When she’s not helping patients reach their fitness and health goals, Ramona enjoys yoga, hiking, gardening, scrap-booking, reading, playing with her dogs, and camping (“glamping”) with her husband and children.



Lisa is passionate about seeing people feel and look their best, feel radiant and beautiful inside-out. She believes in BH&W’s mantra that all aspects of health -mind and body- are all integrated and all healing starts within. She has been behind the design of our new updated website and is excited to find ways to keep our wonderful and loyal patrons in the know, find ways that we can help serve our patients better through social platforms.

Lisa received her Bachelor degree in Supply Chain Management from the University of Houston, Bauer College of Business in 2012. Post graduation, Lisa did global procurement and sales in both luxury retail and the the oil and gas industries. Her experience has allowed her to relate to our clients both on a personal level as well as recognizing areas in our social profiles that we may engage more. 

When she’s not at the office, Lisa loves doing her art and creative past times (mixed media, designing, sketch, and paint works), weightlifting, dancing, the outdoors, or simply being a homebody.